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Brazil nut known as castanha-do-pará (Pará nut) or “chestnuts from Pará” is the common name for a large South American tropical evergreen tree (Lecythidaceae) found in the Amazonian forests of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. It is characterized by a large, hard, woody, spherical coconut-like seed pod, or fruit, containing a number of dark brown, triangular (three-sided) seeds with an extremely hard shell, each with a whitish kernel inside.

Product details

• Type: Shelled Brazil NuT

• Sizes: Large, Medium, Midget and Pieces

• Packing: in boxes of 20 kg in foil vacuum pack or in jute bags of 25 kg and 50 kg

Nutritional benefits

Brazil nuts are a top source of selenium likewise a high supply of magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, thiamine, vitamin E, zinc, calcium, potassium and iron.

Castanha do Pará Ostinato

Important information:

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