Rich in healthy fat, macadamia nuts can fit into any healthul diet

Macadamia, also known as Macadamia nut or Queensland nut is an edible seed of two species of Macadamia trees of the Proteaceae family. Macadamia nut is a sweet fruit extracted from a rustic Australian tree. Currently it grows in Australia, Hawaii and to a lesse extent in Africa, Central America and California. The variety Macadamia tetraphylla comes from the east coast of Australia in New South Wales.

Mac D’oro / Dona Castanha is one of the largest suppliers of gourmet and natural nuts in the Brazilian market. Now, the gourmet flavors are available for a delightful international experience too!

Important information: All the products are carefully selected and complies with the SOP (Standard Operational Procedure).

Product specification for Natural Kernels

Style 1: a minimum of 90% whole kernels – size over 17mm;

Style 2: wholes and halves, combination 50/50 – size over 13mm and below 17mm.

Style 4: halves – at least 80% of halves – size over 13mm and below 17mm.


  • Stand up metalized ouch under nitrogen. Shelf Life 1 year: 100g, 160g, 400g. It is possible to make Private label for large quantities.
  • Metalized vacumm packing: 10kg and 11,34kg.

Product specification for Gourmet Kernels:

Style 2: wholes and halves, combination 50/50 – size over 13mm and below 17mm – handmade process.

Nutritional benefits

Macadamia is a rich source of essential nutrients such as thiamine, vitamine B6, manganese, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. It has high contents of monounsaturated fat, omega-7 and palmiotoleic acid. Macadamia is usually linked to reduction of cholesterol levels, reduced risks of coronary diseases and its oxidants are believed to protect the body from various diseases, including cancer.